Our attitudes about money, including spending and saving, start becoming deeply ingrained at a young age, Facet Co-founder Brent Weiss explained to Kiplinger readers. The lessons we absorb from our parents about money is a gift that keeps on giving, but we can change our financial approach if we recognize what we need to do, he noted.

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What will I learn on this call?

It’s hard for anyone to look at a website and say “yes, this is for me, please help me with my money”.  Finances are deeply personal, and talking to someone who can listen and determine what will help you the most is just one simple and confidential call away.  In 15 minutes or less you will have a better understanding of what’s available to you and if you are a good fit for Facet.
If it’s clear we can help, and you want to learn more about working with Facet, then we will share what the service will cost based on the complexity of your finances.