Madeline McIvor

Senior Lead Planner

Madeline is a Senior Lead Planner for Facet and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (R). Having spent her entire career in the boutique financial services industry, she brings a wide range of experiences to Facet. She has a particular interest in guiding clients through different paths of charitable giving.

Madeline majored in Applied Economic Management at Virginia Tech. A Pittsburgh native at heart, Madeline lived in Atlanta after college, but now resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband, Craig.

Education: Virginia Tech (BS)

“Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.” Adam Grant

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Competitive sports reign during our beach vacations

I love a good foggy day in Ireland

At the most romantic wedding, other than our own.

You can find me at Pure Barre most days of the week. This is me signing the barre after my 100th class

What's the last book you read?

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

What are you passionate about?

Fitness. I am a Pure Barre instructor and love everything fitness related.

Where's your favorite place in the world?

Scottish Highlands. The people to sheep ratio is excellent.

What's your favorite movie?

Same answer since 5 years old: Robin Hood: Men in Tights