LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024
LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024
LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024

Your membership includes expert investment management.

Your priorities are our priorities, and we're here to make sure they come to life. Investing is a key tool for reaching your financial goals, so we include it as part of our financial planning services at no additional cost to your membership.

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New from Facet

Our new Short-Term Strategy for investments1

Tired of high-yield accounts with low returns and CDs that lock away your money? Facet now offers a Short-Term Strategy (STS) option that invests in high-quality, short-term bond funds.

  Facet's Short-Term Strategy2
Portfolio Yield3 5.33%
Average Maturity 1.6 years
Time to Liquidate 2 days

1All statistics as of March 31, 2024.

2 The Short-Term Strategy (STS) was implemented by Facet on February 13, 2023. For STS, the statistics for Portfolio Yield and Average Maturity are as of March 31, 2024. Given the start date of STS, the statistic for Worst Performance is hypothetical based on a 18 year look back of historical performance and is intended for illustrative purposes only. All investments involve risk, including the potential for the loss of principal.

3 Yield is a measure of the amount of interest payments one can expect from a portfolio or savings account. For STS, this is based on the underlying holdings of each ETF. 

New Retirement Porfolio

Are you ready for retirement or already retired? Facet has you covered with our new Retirement Portfolio. It’s built to give you the right mix of safety and growth while balancing fluctuating markets. Designed by Facet experts, this portfolio is made up of what we think is the optimal balance of low-cost funds. Speak to your planner to find out if this option is right for you. And even if retirement is still a few years away, this investment option will be available whenever you’re ready.

New Retirement Portfolio

Our Retirement Portfolio is:

facet-icon-healthy (1)

Built to minimize the unique risks that retirees face and provide peace of mind

facet-icon-lock (1)

Designed to support your retirement even if the market is fluctuating when you retire


Included in your Facet membership at no extra cost so you can enjoy financial calm in retirement

Enhanced Socially Conscious Investing

For investors who want to align their investing with their values, Facet offers an enhanced Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) portfolio4. Our ESG portfolio concentrates on companies that support various ethical practices and causes, and also have lower carbon footprints.

4 There are risks specific to ESG investing that should be considered before making an investment. These include a lack of long term investment history, industry and business standards that are generally undefined, a limited investment universe, and fees and expenses that may be higher than traditional investments.

5 Source: Blackrock and MSCI. Reflects the weighted average carbon intensity (tons of CO2e/$M sales), which measures the portfolios exposure to carbon intensive companies. The portfolio’s carbon emissions intensity is the weighted average of the carbon emissions intensity of the underlying stocks within the funds. Generic Portfolio represented by Vanguard non-ESG funds that match Facet’s ESG portfolio, specifically Vanguard Total Stock Index Fund, Vanguard Developed International Fund, and Vanguard Emerging Markets Fund.

6 ESG assets include stocks and bonds that have been screened for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors. For more detail on the factors used, see Align Investing with Your Values at Facet

Learn More

ESG investing in a complex world: Balancing environmental, social, and governance factors
ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing: What it is and why it matters
Align Investing with Your Values with Facet

New investment income opportunities for investors

For the bond portion of any Facet portfolio, we’ve redesigned our strategy to help you keep more of what you make and pay less in taxes. Every member who invests in bond funds with Facet will now automatically enjoy a custom-tailored bond portfolio that combines federal and municipal bonds to maximize returns and reduce taxes.

Maximum tax savings for your tax bracket and state

Specialized strategies for residents of CA and NY

Managed and adjusted regularly to stay on strategy

Learn about Facet's Investment Philosophy

Watch this short video where our Chief Investment Officer, Tom Graff, CFA shares what it's like to invest with Facet in detail.

In this video, Tom covers:

What you need to know

Proven Investment Strategy

Our investment Strategy is based on Nobel Prize-winning research+

No Additional Cost

Investment management at no additional cost (it’s already included in your fee!)

Tailored To You

A tailored portfolio that aligns with your planning strategy

Trusted to manage well over $2 billion in assets on our clients' behalf
$ 1200000000 +
+ This includes William Sharpe, Harry Markowitz, and Merton Miller who shared the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 for their foundational work on asset allocation, performance measurement, and the importance of market returns. It also includes Eugene Fama who won the prize 2013 for his work on market efficiency.

Dive deep into Facet’s approach to investing​

Facet's Unique Strategy & Returns

An evolving plan to guide your investments ensures you’re not leaving money on the table by informing critical decisions around how much to invest, what account types to use, and how much risk to take.

How Will You Invest My Money?

Where and how you invest plays a big role in bringing your most important priorities to life. That’s why at Facet, we believe the best investment strategy includes ongoing financial planning that covers your entire life.

Investment White Paper

Understand why we believe that the best investment strategy should be linked to an ongoing financial planning approach that covers your entire life.

Moving Your Investments to Facet Is Easy

We help mitigate, or even eliminate, tax consequences when moving your money. This lets you retain assets that have an embedded tax gain while still taking advantage of Facet’s best thinking – all included as part of your Facet membership.

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Facet Portfolio Performance Q1 2024

Here’s an in-depth view of how Facet’s portfolios performed against key market benchmarks in Q1 of 2024.

Facet Portfolio Performance Q1 2024

Here’s an in-depth view of how Facet’s portfolios performed against key market benchmarks in Q1 of 2024.

Frequently asked questions

After confirming we have the information we need to move your money over, you’ll be guided on next steps directly within your Facet account. There, you’ll open your new investment account and kick-off the process to move money over, which typically takes about five minutes to complete. After this, we’ll take care of the heavy-lifting. From there, we’ll  notify you once we receive your money and get it invested in line with your planning strategy. If you have questions, our support team is always happy to help, just reach out to [email protected].

We’ll handle day-to-day portfolio rebalancing, make trades, update your investments based on market conditions, perform tax-loss harvesting, and more. We expect your life, and priorities, to evolve over time, sometimes unexpectedly. When it does, we’ll work with you to adjust your strategy to maintain your progress and achieve the outcomes that enable you to live a fulfilling life. 

There are two main ways that investment management at Facet is different from other firms:

  1. Our investing philosophy is centered on the idea that the best investing strategy starts with you and your circumstances. Investing money without a clear purpose or intention can only take you so far–that’s why investment management is always linked to your personalized, ever-evolving financial plan that you create with your CFP Professional at Facet; and why it’s included in your membership at no additional cost (which typically means big costs savings over time1).
  2.  The tools and methodology we use on behalf of our members are typically reserved for ultra-wealthy investors or even big pensions, foundations and endowments. Our Investment Committee, led by our Chief Investment Officer, Tom Graff, have over a hundred years of combined industry experience doing this for others and have brought that expertise to Facet.

There are two of the primary ways investing at Facet is different from a typical robo advisor:

  1. We start with the big picture. Robo advisors typically don’t offer meaningful financial planning advice, or if they do, it isn’t customized to all of the details and nuances in your life. Facet starts understanding how best to align your investing goals with the broader vision of the life you want to live.
  2. What you pay. Robo advisors generally charge a percent of your assets under management, or AUM. In some cases, this can make them inexpensive when your balances are low, but it means they will be charging you more and more as your money grows. Further, if they are tied to a firm that also has ETF or mutual fund offerings, the algorithm is incentivized to recommend its own products. Not only does Facet charge a flat fee that does not increase as your money grows, but Facet has no products to sell, and is only focused on recommending the best investments for your personal situation.

Investing isn’t like hanging a photo or fixing a leak in your sink. The consequences of getting investment management wrong can be catastrophic, which is why we have a team of experts who are dedicated to managing our members’ money in alignment with their personalized, ever-evolving financial plans (and for no extra cost).

Another advantage of using Facet for investment management is our access to techniques often used by professionals serving ultra-wealthy investors, endowments, foundations, and pension funds. This is what enables our experts to analyze performance statistics, look at customized sector allocations, perform factor analysis, and stress-test our funds in ways that individuals are rarely able to.

Yes. We believe investing works best when paired with an ever-evolving financial plan that covers your entire life (which is also why we include investment management for all clients as part of our base membership). We always incorporate accounts that aren’t directly managed by Facet into your strategy. This includes most account types, including employer sponsored accounts like 401ks & 403bs. While we can’t make trades or adjustments for accounts we do not manage, we’ll still recommend optimizations you can make to ensure these accounts are aligned with your strategy. 

Yes, investment management is included as part of your membership for no additional cost. You may also be eligible for a $250 reward in your Facet investment account as a kickstart. Ask your membership manager for more information.

Most members trust Facet to manage their money. We do have some members who still enjoy managing their investments and self-manage a portion of their money, while taking advantage of Facet’s expertise to manage other accounts. Regardless of what works best for you, you’ll always have oversight of your money and direct access to your accounts.

Yes. We always incorporate accounts that aren’t directly managed by Facet into your strategy. This includes most account types, including employer sponsored accounts like 401ks & 403bs. While we can’t make trades or adjustments for accounts we do not manage, we’ll still recommend optimizations you can make to ensure these accounts are aligned with your strategy.  

Most members choose to have Facet manage their investments because it’s already included in their fee. Taking advantage of investment management at Facet also opens the door to automated rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, proactive portfolio adjustments based on economic conditions, and other services we can’t provide for accounts we don’t manage.

Yes, we perform Tax-Loss Harvesting (TLH) for all member accounts managed by Facet. TLH is a strategy we use to reduce capital gains taxes by strategically selling securities at a loss, and proactively rebalancing your portfolio to maintain risk levels that are most effective for your circumstances.

There’s no additional cost for investment management, it’s included as part of your membership. While we’ll never charge additional fees for managing your accounts, our custodians may charge fees that will be deducted from your account. You can view a full list of potential custodial costs here.

Down markets happen. Our experts design our portfolios with the aim of performing reasonably well when markets are up, and minimize losses when markets are down. While this approach doesn’t allow us to sidestep down markets, it does allow us to be prepared to take advantage when markets turn around.

7 Based on a traditional advisor charging 1% of your total account vs. a Facet annual flat fee of $3,000 plus .08% fund fees. Assumes a starting account balance of $100,000 adjusted for annual contributions and investment growth.

8 Investing involves risks and past performance is no guarantee of future performance or success.