Investing: When you make more, you keep more.*

Most advisors charge you a percentage of the amount you invest. They’re incentivized to get you to invest more money, not prioritize what matters most to you. And when you make more, you pay more. Our flat fee is tailored to your needs, not tied to your investments.

It’s simple: At Facet, when you make more, you keep more. *

* Based on an analysis by Facet, comparing a flat planning fee to a fee based on percentage of investment assets for members with investment accounts and calculating the difference in total fee payments over time. In this analysis, Facet used the same variables – investment balance, a set of ongoing contributions, annual return and underlying fund fees – and with those, calculated the difference between a $3,000 flat fee and a 1% AUM (assets under management fee) over a 10 year period of time. The analysis concluded that the flat fee approach generated significantly greater fee savings over time.

Our practical approach to investing.

Your investment strategy should be linked to an ongoing financial planning approach that covers your entire life. Because this is central to what we believe, we manage money for our members as an integrated part of our subscription-based planning relationship — at no additional cost

We don’t charge you more as your investment balances grow.

Our investment approach is based on Nobel Prize-winning research.*

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a natural fit in our portfolios and are hard to beat. 

Minimize the impact taxes have on your money while maximizing the returns you keep.

*This includes William Sharpe, Harry Markowitz, and Merton Miller, who shared the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 for their foundational work on asset allocation, performance measurement, and the importance of market returns. It also includes research from Eugene Fama, who won the prize 2013 for his work on market efficiency.

Investment management.

You’ll work with a team of CFP® professionals to create an investment strategy that covers every facet of your life.

Portfolio monitoring and regular reviews.

Stay consistent with any major lifestyle changes you may have experienced.

Proactive portfolio rebalancing.

Ensure appropriate risk levels.

Tax loss harvesting.

Lower your overall taxable income, add balance to your portfolio, and possibly present additional lifestyle options.

Security selection.

Our investment committee continually audits and reviews alternative options for our members, ensuring they have the best possible portfolios for their needs. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a natural fit for our portfolios.

The benefits of ETFs.

How a Facet memberships work.

With Facet, you get access to a team of CFP® professionals and financial experts across investments, taxes, benefits, and more. Our ongoing, dynamic strategies will evolve with you, so you never have to make a financial decision alone again.

Our flat-fee model mean no commissions, ever.

Support from a team of CFP® professionals and experts.

Secure, industry-leading technology to manage and organize your entire financial life in one place.

Exclusive partner offers that complement your financial outcomes.

Over 0 already trust Facet.

Testimonials were provided by current clients of Facet Wealth, Inc. (“Facet”). Clients have not been paid for their testimonial and there are no material conflicts of interest that would affect the given testimonials. These testimonials may not be representative of the experiences of other clients, and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or similar services.

“The combination of the tech platform that Facet provides and our planner has been great. It’s been great to be able to have a visual representation of all of our assets and our investments, and then having an individual there to ask questions if we don’t understand something.”

“The combination of the tech platform that Facet provides and our planner has been great. It’s been great to be able to have a visual representation of all of our assets and our investments, and then having an individual there to ask questions if we don’t understand something. That was a luxury to say the least.”

Gizem Y & Antonio C
Rego Park, NY

“Facet has completely changed my outlook on how I handle my finances and my confidence in my financial stability and strength in the future. My planner and the team are incredible, and just as excited as I am about building a strong financial future for me.”

Steve E

“The fee structure is probably the other biggest thing that sent me to Facet and it’s made me very happy with Facet. It puts us at an equal footing with anybody else. It’s not about how much money I have managed by Facet. It’s about us as a client…and as we grow our finances, the attention we get is not gonna change. We’re still a client paying for our Facet services with a fee structure that supports us as just a couple, not as a set of assets.”

Sarah & Michael D
Raleigh, NC


** Nerdwallet review conducted in October of 2023 based on the time frame of August – October 2023. Nerdwallet’s independent assessment includes data collection, interviews and testing which results in star ratings from poor (one star) to excellent (five stars). Nerdwallet was not paid for this review however does receive compensation based on referrals.