Security & privacy you can trust

Facet utilizes a combination of ever-evolving tools and infrastructure to safeguard against cyber threats, protecting our customers’ financial and personal data. Our security capabilities are informed by industry frameworks, our clients, industry groups, threat intelligence, and relevant regulations.

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Facet’s Operations and infrastructure are secured from the ground up—through securing of systems, reduction of data access, 24/7 monitoring and response, and continuous training of employees to spot and respond to suspicious activity.

Our client platform

Our client platform employs secure encryption, coding, logging, monitoring, and response capabilities linked with a multi-factor authentication and messaging system to secure client data and funds from unauthorized access or fraudulent attempts. We have an “A” rating in SSL labs.


We take pride in partnering with industry leaders to deliver a differentiated experience, working with each partner to ensure they meet or exceed our security expectations.

Three things you can do now

Steps you can take to protect your personal data today. 


Minimize password reuse and enable multi-factor authentication anywhere you can, especially in the client portal, where you log in to access your finances.


Enable automatic updates on all your devices. If you use third-party browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Brave), make sure these are configured to update automatically as well. In addition, ensure that you install appropriate antivirus software.


Fraud attempts are on the rise and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So maintain vigilance and if you’re in doubt, always log into the client portal to securely communicate with us. Facet will never reach out to you and ask for your password, personal, or payment information.

Protect your digital identity.

Access additional tips on how to protect your personal and financial data online from hackers.

Frequently asked questions

We take your personal data and security seriously.

Data security

Facet is committed to providing a secure experience and continuously invests in improvements and innovation of security capabilities. When it comes to protecting you and your data, we do not believe that simply checking boxes to ensure compliance is adequate. We employ industry recommended practices to ensure that information security is at the core of our technology and business operations.

  • Monitoring and response to suspicious activity
  • Configuring systems to ward off exploitation attempts
  • Encrypting and securing all data

Any data that Facet handles and directly stores is secured in the cloud—encrypted at rest and in-transit to ensure it is readable only for the right reasons—providing you a customized plan for achieving your financial goals.

Access controls

Your Facet Team and its partners use your data to assess your financial situation, make recommendations, and enhance your overall service to provide the best experience for you. We do not share your information without your consent with third parties for any marketing or advertising purposes.

We ask you to link your accounts for two reasons:
  1. When your accounts are linked your planner can see your current, complete financial information. That helps them give you the most timely, helpful advice.  
  2. By linking your accounts, you can get an instant overview of your financial life, chart your progress and get the information you need to make the best financial and life decisions.
While not a requirement, linking your accounts is the most seamless way to organize your finances and understand where you stand financially by providing you with an up-to-date view of your financial picture. You can learn more about account linking here.

Personal data

Any personal data that you provide to us directly or link within the client portal is used to help provide you with the best service possible. We take securing that data very seriously. For additional information on Facet Wealth’s privacy practices and how we handle personal information that we collect through our digital properties, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Facet is a fiduciary, and as such, we’re legally required to always act in your best interest. Examples of personal information you may provide to us through the Service or otherwise could include contact data, demographic information, and transactional data. For more information about the type of personal information we collect and how it’s used, refer to our Privacy Policy and, as always, reach out if you have any questions.

We take data privacy and security seriously. Without your consent, we will never sell your data or contact information to a third party for marketing or advertising purposes.


We retain your data for five years to maintain compliance with the SEC Advisers Act Rule 204-2. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

After a period of time, your linked accounts will no longer continue to update.

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