Important News about Facet

Thank you for being part of the Facet Community over the last several years. We are writing to share the news that Facet is shutting down.

To the Facet Community

A huge thank you to the creators and community members who helped us try and create a travel experience that brought together immersive, short form video; helpful and authentic local voices; and seamless professional travel advice and booking without having to leave the app. It has been a bold vision we undertook with Facet. We will always be deeply appreciative of the contributions you have made.

Your Content

We have so much admiration for our Facet creators around the world who were among the first to create vertical video specifically around global destinations, experiences, and locations. All of your video is saved. To download your videos simply send us an email at with your username and we will send you the link where all of your videos live.

Most sincerely,

Team Facet