Investing as it Should Be

Our investment philosophy starts with you. Because when it comes to investing, we believe in strategies that not only help you generate more, but also help you keep more. After all, it’s your money. So we’re here to help you get ahead with unbiased, personalized investment advice and some of the lowest fees in the industry.



We use Nobel-prize winning research with a modern twist*

Long-term investment success is all about the right mix of diversified investments, taking smart risks, and staying invested over time.



A tailored portfolio that helps you live your today and plan for tomorrow

With your plan as your foundation, and low cost, tax-efficient ETFs at the core of your portfolio, you’ll be positioned to participate in market returns and avoid the mistakes that most investors make.


A dedicated CFP® professional who offers purely objective investing advice

We remove conflicts of interest with one clear, flat fee. This means we can focus on what’s best for you - no kickbacks, no commissions, no sales tactics. Strictly unbiased advice designed to help you achieve success.


All this, plus some of the lowest fees in the industry, with tax-efficient planning included

In addition to low-cost investments like ETFs, we’ll recommend accounts to minimize taxes today and create tax-efficient income for tomorrow. All for one low flat fee - which makes a big difference over time.

1 Sources: Ibbotson, Fidelity Mgmt & Research Company, Morningstar
2 Capital | Source: Dalbar
* Our investment approach includes research from Nobel prize winners Harry Markowitz, Eugene Fama and Richard Thaler.
** Based on a traditional advisor charging 1% of your total account vs. a Facet annual flat fee of $2,400 plus .08% fund fees. Assumes a starting account balance of $100,000 adjusted for annual contributions and investment growth.

Dive deep into Facet’s approach to investing

Explore our methodology for building and managing client portfolios

See for yourself why we’re one of the fastest-growing financial services companies.

What will I learn on this call?

It’s hard for anyone to look at a website and say “yes, this is for me, please help me with my money”.  Finances are deeply personal, and talking to someone who can listen and determine what will help you the most is just one simple and confidential call away.  In 15 minutes or less you will have a better understanding of what’s available to you and if you are a good fit for Facet.
If it’s clear we can help, and you want to learn more about working with Facet, then we will share what the service will cost based on the complexity of your finances.