Financial wellness: Find your financial fulfillment.

Financial wellness is an ongoing, dynamic, and evolving process. It’s essential for leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Facet provides the tools, support, and advice to help you make informed decisions and take control of everything your money touches.

Be free to be more you.

Financial decisions are an expression of your identity, the person you are or want to be. Financial wellness is about more than just having enough money; it’s about having the financial security to live the life you want with confidence.

Less Stress

Higher Productivity

Enjoy life more

Smartphone with the Facet Wellness Quiz on the screen
Do I understand my attitudes about money and where those attitudes come from?
Do my attitudes about money and finances work for me, or do I want to change them?
Do I feel in control of my finances, or do I feel that my financial situation determines my happiness?
Do I have the financial freedom to enjoy life today while planning for tomorrow?
Am I on track to meet my short-term and long-term financial goals?

Do you have questions about how money fits into the life you want? Take our free quiz to better understand what’s helping and hurting you reach that goal when it comes to your money. We’ll also provide you with some next steps to take as you start focusing more on your financial wellness.

Find your financial calm.

Financial calm is achieved when you find freedom from worry and stress and gain clarity over your entire financial picture. It gives you the confidence to make the right decisions and control not just your money, but the life you want to live.

Through Facet’s dynamic financial planning process, you will learn to be intentional with your money, unlock its ultimate potential, and achieve greater fulfillment.


Our process starts in a rather unexpected place – your mind.

Your financial mindset is how you think and feel about money and how those thoughts and feelings influence your actions and behaviors. Financial planning creates mindset awareness, allowing you to gain control of your financial decisions. Mastering your mindset is critical to mastering your money.


Delivering dynamic strategies for all of your financial decisions.

Whether it’s prioritizing your objectives, optimizing your cash flow, debt, and short-term savings, or getting the most out of your work benefits, Facet is here for you. We help protect your health and wealth.


As your life changes, 
your plan changes.

Financial planning, as it should be, is an ongoing process. Facet helps you navigate every event in your financial life — career changes, getting married or divorced, starting or raising a family, saving for retirement or education, caring for an aging parent, and everything in between.

How a Facet membership works.

With Facet, you get your own CFP® professional and a team of financial experts across investments, taxes, benefits, and more. Our ongoing, dynamic strategies will evolve with you, so you never have to make a financial decision alone again.

Our flat-fee model mean no commissions — ever.

1×1 support from a CFP® professional, backed by a team of experts.

Secure, industry-leading technology to manage and organize your entire financial life in one place.

Exclusive partner offers that complement your financial outcomes.

“Facet’s pricing model helps you pay for what you need, when you need it. Clients who need more basic help can get assistance with benefit elections, budgeting, or debt planning. Clients with more complex financial situations may need advice on starting a family, saving for an education, planning for stock compensation or starting a business.”

Over 0 already trust Facet.
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“The combination of the tech platform that Facet provides and our planner has been great. It’s been great to be able to have a visual representation of all of our assets and our investments, and then having an individual there to ask questions if we don’t understand something.”

“The combination of the tech platform that Facet provides and our planner has been great. It’s been great to be able to have a visual representation of all of our assets and our investments, and then having an individual there to ask questions if we don’t understand something. That was a luxury to say the least.”

Gizem Y & Antonio C
Rego Park, NY

“Facet has completely changed my outlook on how I handle my finances and my confidence in my financial stability and strength in the future. My planner and the team are incredible, and just as excited as I am about building a strong financial future for me.”

Steve E

“The fee structure is probably the other biggest thing that sent me to Facet and it’s made me very happy with Facet. It puts us at an equal footing with anybody else. It’s not about how much money I have managed by Facet. It’s about us as a client…and as we grow our finances, the attention we get is not gonna change. We’re still a client paying for our Facet services with a fee structure that supports us as just a couple, not as a set of assets.”

Sarah & Michael D
Raleigh, NC


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