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An unbiased human approach to financial planning.

Our team's goal is to help you achieve yours.

We see you.

We believe everyone should be able to afford an unbiased, go-to financial partner to guide you through all facets of life.

Whether it’s employee compensation, tax planning, or buying your first home, you never know what life will throw at you.

That’s why we’re modernizing financial planning for modern life.

Facet launched in 2016 when financial industry veterans Anders, Patrick, and Brent joined forces to create more accessible planning services, reimagining the antiquated system of misaligned incentives, inconsistent advice, and high costs.

Facet members

Meet the people who bring our mission to life.

Financial advice should be delivered with a fresh, human-plus-tech approach, that includes a CFP® professional – the highest certification possible.

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Every member of the Facet team shares a common philosophy that shapes and drives every aspect of our business. This philosophy supports both a diverse team and diversity of thought.