Jon Hommes

Senior Financial Planner

I’m a New Jersey native living in the suburbs of Philly. My partner and I have two cats, Archer and Moose. I love to read, cook, and play board & video games. You can catch me any time of the year with an iced coffee and a book in hand on my porch. I’m learning to cook more vegan and vegetarian meals, too!

After college I had the opportunity to join an eye opening rotational program with Vanguard to learn every step of the financial planning process. This let me work with clients who were fresh out of college, deep into retirement, and everywhere in between. I discovered I REALLY love discussing education planning, adding crucial elements of tax efficiency to portfolios, and giving couples (new and old) the language and tools to communicate effectively about their finances. Now I’m thrilled to bring all of that knowledge and passion to you and your family through Facet.

I earned a B.A. in Personal Financial Planning with an Accounting minor and an M.S. in Personal Financial Planning with a Financial Therapy concentration.

Education: Kansas State University (MS), William Paterson University of New Jersey (BA) 

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Me and my sisters Katie (right) and Tori (middle) at my 28th surprise birthday party!

My partner, Danielle, and I waiting for Young the Giant at the Mann Center in Philly, June 2023.

Polaroids taken at the top of Humpback Rock in VA, (photo taken at Blue Mountain Brewery).

My cats, Moose (right) and Archer (left).

What’s the top destination on your must-visit list?

Québec during their annual winter carnival!

If you could have any skill in the world, what would it be?

I wish I could memorize the lyrics of any song I hear.

What book, movie, music, etc. changed your outlook on life?

The Grand Budapest Hotel- It opened my eyes to how much STYLE a great movie can have.

What are you passionate about?

Having a really welcoming home and being a great host. I’d like to be able to facilitate as many happy memories for my family and friends as possible.