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Investor Newsletter: Stocks hit new highs, the labor market cools, and tips to understand if it's time to rebalance your portfolio

Hello, I’m Tom Graff, Facet’s Chief Investment Officer. Welcome to another edition of our Investor Newsletter. This week we’ll cover another all-time high for stocks, signs the labor market could be weakening, and when to know it is time to rebalance your portfolio. If you have any questions related to anything you read here, or ... Read more

5 Min Read

Investor Newsletter: Inflation, falling AI stocks, and forecasting the future

In this week's Investor Newsletter, we review the week that was. Nvidia and other AI-related stock drops, what does that mean for the broader market? And inflation keeps falling, is the Fed finally ready to cut rates? Plus we do a deeper dive into how Facet approaches forecasting market events.

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2Q 2024 Performance Report: How Facet’s mix of ETFs fared during a tech dominated quarter

The global stock markets were dominated by artificial intelligence related companies in 2Q 2024. Excluding the impact of AI, most stocks were actually down for the quarter. How did this impact Facet's ETF portfolios? And what about inflation? The dollar? Rising interest rates? Elections? The Federal Reserve? We cover all of this and more in our quarterly performance review.

10 Min Read