Apex Clearing Miscellaneous Fees

While Facet doesn’t charge additional fees for managing accounts, our custodians sometimes charge fees that will be deducted from your accounts directly by the custodian as a result of specific transactions, requests, or events. A list of some, but not all, of the fees you may see for a Apex account managed by Facet are as follows (please note that Apex may also change these fees without notice from time to time)

  • Outgoing ACAT (account transfer, full or partial): $75.00 per transfer
  • Outgoing Wire (domestic): $25.00 per wire
  • Outgoing Wire (foreign): $50.00 per wire
  • Overnight mail (domestic): $50.00 per mailing
  • Overnight mail (foreign): $100.00 per mailing
  • Paper Check (regular mail – domestic): $5.00 per check
  • Paper Check (regular mail – international): $10.00 per check
  • Paper Statements and Tax Forms: $5.00 per statement or tax form
  • Paper Confirmation: $2.00 per confirmation
  • Paper Prospectus Fee: $5.00 per mailing
  • Third-Party Distribution Notification: $2.00 per notification
  • Check Copies: $15.00 per copy
  • Returned ACH or Check: $30.00 per event
  • Stop Payments on Issued Checks: $30.00 per request
  • FINRA Transaction Activity Fee (sells only): $0.000166 per share (up to $8.30 max)
  • SEC Section 31 Fee (sells only) $0.008 per $1,000 of principal

As of February 8, 2024, subject to change without notice