LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024
LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024
LAST CHANCE to get $300 when you invest & maintain $5,000 or more9 Offer expires April 30, 2024

Welcome to your Facet membership.

Enrich your life beyond expectation.

How it works.

With Facet, you work with a CFP® professional and a team of financial experts across investments, taxes, benefits, and more. You’ll always know how you’re progressing towards the outcomes you want to achieve.

Seize opportunities.
Maximize outcomes.

Objective advice

As fiduciaries with a flat-fee model, our advice prioritizes your goals, free from commission bias.

Get more, keep more

Financial advice for everything money touches. And we don’t charge you more as your investments grow.

Teams of experts

Support from a team of CFP® professionals and experts across taxes, investments, and more.

Investing included

Cost-effective investing to assess tradeoffs, minimize fees, and help maximize your long-term wealth.

Seamless tech

Secure, industry-leading technology to manage and organize your entire financial life in one place.

Curated offers

Exclusive partner offers like insurance and estate planning that complement your financial outcomes.

Objective investment advice, and so much more.

Most advisors charge you a percentage of how much you invest. So they’re incentivized to get you to invest more money; not to prioritize your entire life. When you make more, you pay more.

With Facet, our flat fee isn’t tied to your investments. So we’re incentivized to do what’s best for you in all facets of life. When you make more, you keep more1.

Your money after AUM fees.

Your money with our flat fee membership.

1 | Source: Tharp, Financial Advisor Fee Trends And The Fee Compression Mirage.

"The fee structure is probably the other biggest thing that sent me to Facet and it's made me very happy with Facet. It puts us at an equal footing with anybody else. It's not about how much money I have managed by Facet. It's about us as a client… and as we grow our finances, the attention we get is not gonna change."

"I was looking for someone who's very competent, knows what they're doing, and is a professional – and also that had that human side. I think that's when working with Facet was the big piece for me. That was different from the other places that I'd looked into."

Testimonials were provided by current clients of Facet Wealth, Inc. (“Facet”). Clients have not been paid for their testimonial and there are no material conflicts of interest that would affect the given testimonials. These testimonials may not be representative of the experiences of other clients, and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or similar services.