Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facet?

Facet is the ultimate video-based travel inspiration tool. Follow a diverse and global collection of modern day explorers and adventurers as they transport you around the world to amazing places and experiences.

What is a Facet?

A facet is a 10-sec video (or series of video clips totaling 10 seconds) which capture the Under Discovered gems of a city or destination around the world.

Why would I create a Facet?

To share your inspiration with others around the world! Facet is the best way to share your own Under Discovered experiences through video. We want you to live and travel better, and Facet is the app that can help you do that with amazing videos and inspiring Wanderlist boards.

What is the maximum video length I can upload?

10 seconds is the maximum length of a Facet.

What is the minimum video length I can upload?

1 second is the minimum length of a Facet.

Okay cool, so I create Facets of things/places which inspire me. How do I get featured in Facet?

Easy! Get out and shoot amazing Facets! We see every single facet that comes in. Each facet goes through our editorial team who moderates the content and determines programming on Explore and Discovery (the homescreen). We will be proactively reaching out to passionate members of the facet community to provide ongoing promotional opportunities.

How should I get started with Facet?

A great place to start is with videos that are already in your camera roll. Go through what you've already got to see if there are any great videos shot in portrait and you can easily turn them into Facets. Also search your hard drive. Remember that footage from your last vacation that you didn't know what to do with after? Boom! It now has a home on Facet!

What makes for a good Facet?

You have a total of :10 seconds to tell a quick story, capture that one amazing dish, or show viewers a true FOMO moment. How you go about doing that is up to you. It could be 1 long clip or a series of quick clips which capture a moment. The possibilities are endless. Get as creative and artsy as you like.

Can I share to social media?

You can share profiles, boards, and places using the native sharing features of apple. Soon we will support sharing to more platforms and also support sharing of facets.

Can I search with hashtags?

For now, search is only done through Explore in the different curated categories. But, as you create Facets, definitely hashtag them so we know where to find your new content and we can build out even more categories that highlight what you are capturing.

Will nearby recommendations be available?

Not quite yet. But as Facet grows we will be evaluating the appropriate time to add proximity features.

Will I be able to delete Facets I created?

After they have published, you will need to send a note to and request that a Facet be removed. We will do our best to act on it immediately.

How will people find my Facets?

If your video is featured in Discovery or Explore the entire planet will see it. We only feature the best videos, so make sure you create a quality Facet! You can share your profile anytime with whomever you want to make sure that your friends are seeing everything you create. Also, we are constantly looking for the next group of Facet Nation members. As part of this tier of users your facets will auto-post to Chat and everyone will see them in real-time. Lastly, if you make it on to the Leaderboard your profile will see lots of traffic.

Will you have filters for me to add to my Facet?

No filters for now, but you never know down the line.

Can I import timelapse/slow-mo/landscape footage?

Yes, but be aware that they should be shot in portrait. Odd video aspect ratios (like landscape) will get cropped to portrait. If you are shooting Timelapse (through iOS camera or hyperlapse) that should work. Slo-mo (through iOS camera) should work as well.

Can I write a caption for my Facet?

You can caption your Facet and add any relevant hashtags to it as well.

Is there a max character count for captions?

62 characters is the max for captions and that includes any hashtags you add. Keep it short and sweet.

Will I be able to shoot Facets without choosing a location?

Yes. You can shoot videos outside of the camera and import them. You can also shoot videos inside the Facet camera and create a Facet right there. But all Facets have to be attached to a place. This is part of the publishing process in the Facet camera. This is how we help users around the world find amazing places and experiences.

Will I be able to add a location if I don't see it populate in the options?

You won't be able to create a unique location, but you can add it to the city and describe the place in your caption or hashtag.

Can I zoom in and out?

Nope. We eliminated this feature as it makes for a dizzying effect when shooting in portrait.

Is there still a way to combine my content/footage into a Facet?

Yep, you can shoot and import any variety of footage combos within that :10 second time frame.

Will there be music with my Facets?

There is no way to add a music track right now with Facet. We want to capture the sights and sounds of your experiences so that viewers feel like they've been teleported there with you.

What if I capture sound or a convo I didn't intend to? Do I have to reshoot the clip?

You can reshoot it if you'd like or simply hit the mute button before you publish it. That awkward pick up line will forever be between you and the weird guy at the bar as you were shooting video of your drink.

Will I own the Facet video?

The ownership terms remain the same for the creator through the app. The person creating the content owns it, and we have a lifetime perpetual license.

Where is the camera on the new Facet app?

You can tap the camera icon on the bottom menu bar to access it.

Do I need to film using the Facet app?

No. You can shoot outside of the app and import later, but be sure to shoot in Portrait, otherwise the import tool will crop your videos and they may not look like the Scorsese vision you imagined.

How much memory does the Facet app take up?

Current bundle is about 50MB to download from app store. Every clip recorded will be stored in Photos and can be deleted by the user at any time. The app itself will not keep a backlog of clips.

Can I make any Facets private?

There isn't a private video feature, but unless it is featured in Explore or Discovery, you will be the only eyes on it.

How do I choose the image for my Facet?

The Facet image is automatically chosen as the first frame of the video in order to provide an elegant viewing experience when played back on the app, so always open with your best shot. We do not allow this image to be changed or selected by the creator at this time since it would change the viewing experience.

Can I embed the Facets I create onto my own website?

Not in the initial version, but it'll be something we create when we launch the sharing features.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi to upload a Facet?

There is no wifi-only upload setting. It will upload clips immediately after recording/importing them through whatever data connection is available.

Will I still be able to follow people and have them follow me?

Not in the initial version, but in the near future, yes.

How will I attach a location to my Facet if I'm not physically at the space?

You can search for any place in the world and attach that location to your footage when you publish the Facet.

What is a Board?

A board is a collection of Facets you've pinned and saved. It can be created around any subject you'd like i.e. "Vacation Someday," "Best Views in the World," "Panda's I'd Love To Pet," or "Concerts I've Seen." You can create as many boards as you like and add as many facets to them as you like.

How do I make a Board?

To make a board, click the "+" button attached to the Facet you'd like to save and then click "Create New Board."

Can I edit a Board?

Yes. You'll be able to edit the title, description and Facets on that board at any time within the app by clicking the "Edit" button in the top right corner when looking at the boards.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes. Click the person icon on the bottom right of the app, and then click the settings icon on the top right of your profile screen.

What is the Chat feature?

The Chat feature is a way to connect with other Facet users across the world. In the Facet Nation chat you'll be able to see Facets being uploaded in real time from our top creators across the globe. Feel free to chime in with questions or just to let them know how inspiring their Facets are!

Can anyone contribute to Chat?

Yes. Anyone can chime in on chat. But to have your facets auto-post you have to be a member of Facet Nation or F50. As we mentioned earlier we are constantly monitoring the community for additions to these tiers. Over time we will also likely be adding more Chat rooms based on interests, locations, and more.

Do my videos have sound?

Yes. All videos filmed on Facet will capture sound. However, there is an option to mute sound that appears when previewing your video. The best facets are ones which capture the natural sounds around you. So, unless there is someone talking loudly or something distracting in the background, it’s best to keep the sound on to give the viewer a full experience.

Does Facet support 4K from within the camera?

Not right now. However, you can import 4K footage on an iPhone 6S.

Which devices can download Facet?

Facet is only available on any iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 8.4 or newer.

Can I add music to my facet?

Music can be added to any clip before it is uploaded to Facet. We encourage you to use video editing programs to add any music or sound you’d like attached to your video. Once music or sound is attached, add that video to the camera roll on your device and then import into Facet.

What’s up with the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is a ranking of our best, most prolific, and most passionate facet members. There are 3 tiers: Explorers, Facet Nation, and F50. Each week we run the numbers to see who has made the greatest positive impact on inspiring people. The ranking calculation is a secret for now but it’s not too hard to figure out; make awesome facets and inspire others and you’ll soon find your name in lights.