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The truth behind the meaning of money

The real power in money is in the power of choice — which puts you in control of the life you want to live.

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Saving + Budgeting

Unpacking the new SAVE Plan: What Facet members need to know

Find out how the Biden-Harris Administration's new SAVE Plan can significantly reduce undergraduate student loan debt, limit growing interest balances, and provide income protection for certain individuals.

2 Min Read
Investing, Saving + Budgeting, The Basics

Wealth manager vs. asset manager: What's the difference?

Feeling overwhelmed when choosing a financial advisor? Learn the differences between a wealth manager and an asset manager, with tips on identifying your needs and objectives.

7 Min Read
money growing on tree with bright green leaves
Investing, Saving + Budgeting

Compound interest: Supercharge your savings

Build your wealth faster with compound interest. Here's an informative guide on how compounding works, different compounding frequencies, and the power of “interest on interest” to help you reach financial freedom sooner.

3 Min Read