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Investing, Market News

2Q 2024 Performance Report: How Facet’s mix of ETFs fared during a tech dominated quarter

The global stock markets were dominated by artificial intelligence related companies in 2Q 2024. Excluding the impact of AI, most stocks were actually down for the quarter. How did this impact Facet's ETF portfolios? And what about inflation? The dollar? Rising interest rates? Elections? The Federal Reserve? We cover all of this and more in our quarterly performance review.

10 Min Read
Home + Real Estate, Market News

Am I ever going to be able to buy a home?

Despite multi-decade highs in mortgage rates, home prices keep rising. This has made a house unaffordable for many. Is there any relief in sight? We dive into the state of the real estate market, including everything from home prices to rental rates to real estate investing.

6 Min Read
Market News

The AI boom dominates this earnings season

Earnings season is drawing to a close for this quarter, and it has been a strong one. Through May 24, 443 companies within the S&P 500 had reported financial results for the prior quarter. Of those, 81% reported profits better than Wall Street expectations, according to Bloomberg data. This has helped power stocks higher so ... Read more

6 Min Read
When will inflation finally fall?
Market News

Checking in on the soft landing: is inflation finally subsiding?

Investors are breathing a sigh of relief after this month’s employment and inflation data. For the first few months of 2024, job growth and inflation appeared to be accelerating, which had markets worried about another spike in interest rates. At least for one month however, the data is back to supporting the so-called “soft landing” ... Read more

3 Min Read
Market News

How a strong jobs report and stubborn inflation data is leaving investors confused

Over the last several days, we have gotten key economic reports on U.S. employment and inflation. For investors, they painted a mixed picture. Inflation remains too high, with the March report coming in higher than most economists expected. Meanwhile job gains were very strong, indicating that companies are still feeling optimistic about growth. So what ... Read more

4 Min Read
Market News

Investing new money at all-time market highs

Worried about investing during a market high? Don't be. Get expert advice on navigating the global stock market and making smart long-term investment decisions, regardless of short-term volatility.

5 Min Read